Sunday, September 4, 2022 06:00 o'clock


The distances are 42, 21, 13 km and kids’ run 2 km. Runners of 13 and 2 km will not enter Romania. Runners of 42 km will run the whole distance in both directions.

The final of all the distances is on the beach near Krapets. There is the start of the distances 2, 13 and 42 km and the place from which the runners of 21 km will be taken by bus to their start point. The route runs along a dirt path partly covered with sand, along the edge of Durankulak Lake, Cosmos Camping to the last beaches in Bulgaria. Then the runners enter Romania through a border control point ( Durankulak), go through the pleasant Romanian resort of Vama Veche and reach Mangalia. After that they go back to the start point. The coordinates of the Start/Final are 43°38'35.00"N and 28°34'24.00"E. The competitors in 21 km run will start in front of the Municipality of  2 Mai in Romania. They will be taken by bus from the camping in Krapets.

Control and Aid stations are spaced about kilometers 2-nd, 6-th, 10-th, 15-th, 21-st, 26-th, 31-st, 35-th and 40-th for the marathon runners and at kilometers 5-th, 10-th and 15-th and 19-th for the 21 km distance and at kilometers 2-nd and 6-th and 11-th for the 13 km distance. Water, fruit, basic medical supplies and plastic bags for trash will be provided at the control and refreshment stalls and the Start/Final. Bibs of the competitors will be recorded at Control and Aid stations. Trash disposal is only allowed at or within 50 m of the Control and Aid stations.

Kids’ run (2 km) is free, with registration at the Start/Final.

Time limits for finishing are: 6:30 hours for 42 km, 3:30 for 21 km and 2:30 for 13 km.

Photo: Dessislava Doneva
Photo: Petya Radkova
Photo: Dessislava Doneva