Sunday, September 4, 2022 06:00 o'clock

Green Foot invites you to participate in the fifth anniversary edition of the Via Pontica Cross-Border Marathon,

That will be held in the morning of Sep 4, 2022 (Sunday) along the Black Sea coast.

The Roman road and the path of birds that do not recognize borders!

The event offers three distances for runners - 42, 21, 13 and kids’ run 2 km. The competitors at 13 and 2 kilometers will not cross the border with Romania. The competitors at a distance of 42 kilometers run the entire route in both directions.

The final of all the distances is on the beach near Krapets. There is the start of the distances 2, 13 and 42 km and the place from which the runners of 21 km will be taken by bus to their start point. The route runs along a dirt path partly covered with sand, along the edge of Durankulak Lake, Cosmos Camping to the last beaches in Bulgaria. We then enter Romania through a border control point ( Durankulak), go through the pleasant Romanian resort of Vama Veche and reach 2 Mai. Then we go back to the start point. The coordinates of the Start/Final are 43°38'35.00"N and 28°34'24.00"E. The competitors in 21 km run will start in front of the Municipality of  2 Mai in Romania. They will be taken by bus from the camping in Krapets or they can get to the start by themselves. They can take their bibs at the final in Krapets before the buses have left or in 2 Mai before the start.

Even after paying their fee, each participant can opt out and, until a certain date, receive a part of their fee back. As the time approaches to the start, the rate of the charge to be recovered decreases. Once the entry fee has been paid, a change of the distance can be made. There is a small charge when changing distances. There is also a fee difference, if any. Fee differences are non-refundable. A link to these features can be found in the email confirming the payment of the fee.

Children's distance of 2 km is free of charge.

The distance control times are: 6:30 h for 42 km, 3:30 h for 21 km and 2:30 h for 13 km.

You can see the program of the event here.

The documents of the participants at a distance of 42 kilometers will be collected by a representative of the Border Police before the start in Krapets, and those of the participants of a distance of 21 kilometers- at the start in 2 Mai. All documents will be given back at the final. Participants cross the state border with their race number, according to the list provided by the organizers to the Border Police and with their IDs, that will be at the border post during the competition.

Event entry begins on {registration_starts_from}. You can see the fees and periods on the Registration page.

The fee includes:
• a practical gift with the Green Foot logo;
• Fruit and water at the start / finish and Aid stations;
• electronic timing and ranking;
• bus transportation from Krapets to the start for the distance of 21 kilometers;
• participation in prizes and raffles;
• a medal;
• medical help at the start / finish.

The fee can be paid at the EasyPay cash desk or electronically through the ePay and PayPal platforms.

A Green Foot T-shirt can be ordered with the registration, which is an additional charge. The price of the T-shirt is promotional when ordered together with participation in the competition.

• It is advisable to take out insurance and carry out a pre-race examination (including pulse and blood pressure measurement) not earlier than 3 days before the race;
• We recommend the use of a hat, as well as sunscreen in sunny weather;
• We recommend that you pick up your bib the day before the start;
• Bring a charged phone with roaming with you.

• Water tank for all distances except the children's 2 km

• Prizes for the first three places in each category;
• Prizes distributed by raffle among the finishers.

Additional program:
 a presenter for the duration of the race.

1. Tent camp around start / final;
2. Camping (tents and bungalows) near the start / final. For reservations telephone 0886464664;
3. Hotel accommodation in Krapets.

You can use the carpooling platform

With the support of:
Shabla Municipality, Ideai Standard, Inoxsys, Limanu Municipality, Hrus-Hrus, Leya, Yako

Photo: Dessislava Doneva
Photo: Petya Radkova
Photo: Dessislava Doneva