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There are three distances- 42, 21, 13 and 2 kilometers for children. Participants at distances of 42 and 21 kilometers cross the border with Romania under a special procedure developed with the border authorities. Participants at distance of 42 kilometers run the whole route in both directions, while those who run 21 km are transported by buses from the final in Krapets to the start in Romania. Alternatively, participants from Romania could arrive directly at the start in 2 Mai and they will be transported back to Romania after the Award Ceremony.

Time limits for finishing are:  6:30 hours for 42km, 3:30 hours for 21km and 2:30 hours for 13km.

 The documents will be collected by the Border police. The documents of the competitors of 42 km will be collected by a representative of the Border police in Krapets before the start. All the documents will be given back at the final. The competitors will cross the border with their bib according to the list, given to the Border police by the Organizer before the competition and with the ID cards/ passports that during the competition will be at the border control point.


Participation in the competition is restricted for those who:

  • are under 18 years on the date of the competition (in the distance of 42 kilometers);
  • don’t have a valid ID card or passport, giving the right to cross the border between Bulgaria and Romania;
  • are under 7 years exception- participants in the 2 km distance;
  • are under 14 years (in the distance of 21 kilometers); exception- participants who are over 10 years with an adult with them but only in the 21km distance;
  • are under 10 years (in the distance of 13 kilometers); exception- participants who are over 10 years with an adult with them but only in the 13km distance;
  • haven't registered in the competition;
  • haven't paid their participation fee;
  • haven't fastened their bib so that it can be visible;
  • haven't personally signed the declaration when receiving their bib;
  • are not sober or who are under the influence of opiates;
  • act with illegal, non ethical or unacceptable behavior toward other competitors and/ or Organizers' directions.


  • It is recommended to have medical insurance and medical check-up but not earlier than 3 days before the competition.
  • It is recommended to bring a water tank or container to protect nature, using less disposable plastic cups;
  • It is recommended to wear a hat to protect from the sun and to use sunscreen in sunny weather;
  • It is recommended to take your bib from the previous day;
  • Make sure that your phone is charged and that you have roaming.


  • A water tank or container for all the distances, except for the kids’run- 2 km. No plastic cups will be given at the aid-stations.

Photo: Dessislava Doneva
Photo: Petya Radkova
Photo: Dessislava Doneva